Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Three Reasons

I believe that The Giver is better as a movie than as a book.  The first reason why stems from the part of the movie where Jonas successfully convinces Fiona to skip her injections.   In the book, none of this ever comes up, plus they take a pill instead.  I like how the it brings more romance into the story.  It also brings drama in whether Fiona should skip her injections or not.  Fiona then feels love.  In the book, the pills only stop stirrings but in the movie the injections also stop the feeling of love.  Jonas and Fiona have a connection that brings more meaning to the story.  They are not only friends but something more.  The addition to the story ties into later scenes where Jonas has to leave and has a harder time leaving Fiona.  After skipping the injections, thinking of Fiona is what keeps Jonas going during his long, hard journey.  Jonas' trying and succeeding in having Fiona skip her injections brought an interesting and intriguing addition to the story.  

The second reason why I think The Giver movie version is better than the book is because in the movie when the Giver and Fiona get locked up, it shows more mystery and adventure.  In the book, the Giver isn’t caught and Fiona doesn’t help Jonas because she doesn’t know.  While Jonas is on his journey, he has no idea of their potental danger and what danger he put Fiona in by having her help him.  They are going to release Fiona which also doesn’t happen in the book.  While putting his and Gabe’s life at risk, he also puts Fiona’s and the Giver’s.  Fiona doesn’t know what will happen when she is released, therefore the only emotion she feels is fear.  Meanwhile the Giver begs and pleads the chief elder to stop, knowing what will happen to innocent Fiona.  Adding Fiona and the Giver getting locked up doesn’t only make you wonder What will happen to Jonas and Gabe? But also What will happen to the Giver and Fiona?.

The third reason why I think The Giver movie is better than the book comes from the part of the movie where Asher attempts to kill Jonas and Gabe.  This shows how Asher’s personality is so different from book to movie.  In the book he is very goofy and carefree while in the book he is uptight and a rule follower.  The Chief Elder tells him to kill Jonas and the new child and he almost does.  This shows how loyal he really is to Jonas.  If Jonas didn’t know how to swim, then Asher might actually have killed them.  Before Jonas leaves he runs into Asher and again, Asher tries to make Jonas go back home which also shows how his personality changed.  In the book he wouldn’t have cared.  With the change of his personality, it gives more room for the lovey-dovey Fiona to be in the story more.  

For these three reasons, I think The Giver movie is better than The Giver book.  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Remarkable Remembrance

The Landscape of Memories explained many different people with astounding memories.

When I read about the people with miraculous memories, I thought about how well they must have done in school since they could remember everything they learned.

What causes their brains to remeber and capture every moment but we only remeber some? Is it from a mutation? Is it a random gift?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

More Stories

The Pedestrian:
A man named Leonard Mead walks alone along the streets every night but one random night he encounters a police car and gets interrogated and then taken away.

I am surprised that he walks every single night just for the joy of walking. 

Why did Mr. Mead get taken away to a Phsychiactric Centre for Resesarch on Regressive Tendencies?

The Forecast:
The writter talks about an orderly and restricted communtiy.

I noticed that this lifestyle is kind of like the one Jonas lived in.

The poem refers to "us"; who's "us"?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Finding Elsewhere

Da Givah:
Jonas fnishes the journey in snow, struggling but finally reaches to what he thinks in Elsewhere.

I was very dissapointed about how the author ended the book because I wanted to know about Elsewhere and have them "find the past, present for us" but they never did.

What actually happened to Jonas and Gabe? Did they live happily ever after?

Lois Lowry's Speech:
In Lois Lowry's Speech describes her reasoning for ending the book how she did and it showed some letter's written to her about the book.

I think that the author didn't really think hard enough to find a good ending to her story so she made us do it in our minds.

Where did Lois Lowry get the ideas and inspiration to write The Giver?

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Escape

Jonas leaves the community with Gabe and are now seeking for food while Jonas is injured.

I feel that Jonas made the right choice of taking Gabe with him because other wise, Gabe would have been released but Jonas is having second thoughts.

Will Jonas find food for Gabe and himself and will they make it through their journey?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Plan

Jonas stays the night at the givers dwelling and they plan a way for a change.

I don't really get the point of the plan and how it will help them make a change in their community/world.

What will Jonas do and were will he go after he escapes from the community?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What Really Happens in a Release

Jonas finds out the truth about what actually happens to someone when the get released.

I can't believe that they kill them in a release instead of sending them to a different land.

Will something ever happen to Jonas causing him to release his memories to the community?